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Mobile anti-theft display stand
Date:2017-9-29 9:26:56      Views:    
Mobile anti-theft display stand products are display security equipment, terminal clerk in use should have a certain degree of expertise. Otherwise, because of improper use, it is easy because the alarm does not lead to security omissions, or because of frequent false alarm and affect the customer experience, more serious is the connection does not match the adapter, high voltage led to mobile phones and other electronic equipment burned Also happen occasionally. And experience shop, store shop, store counters and other terminal environment diverse, staff management in different ways, the mobile phone brand terminal network is also widely distributed throughout the world. On the anti-theft display holder manufacturers after-sales service capacity is definitely not a small test.

Mobile anti-theft display stand help provide a interactive envirnment in store with a hands on experience of Mobile handsets. Loud Alarm when device is tampered with. Support charging & Anti-theft Alarm.

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