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Apple iPhone8 listed more than a month cold, the reasons for the lack of new ideas or high prices
Date:2017-10-18 9:10:04      Views:    
From September 15 to pre-order, Apple's iPhone 8 mobile phone has been listed for more than a month. However, the impact of mobile phone sales have repeatedly Apple, this time no longer appeared in the past queuing up the grand occasion.

A shop owner said, iPhone8 in all aspects do not have the advantages of explosion, from the current market price point of view, last year's iPhone7 iPhone 8 cheaper than the iPhone 8 or so. "Selling 100 machines inside, 8, then only 10%." Because the difference between 8 and 7 is not big, only to increase the wireless charging function, but this wireless charging is not very practical.

Lack of new ideas, the price is too high, can not become a new product explosion, as the reasons for poor sales. Listed a month, iPhone 8 has appeared in the world more than 10 suspected of cell expansion caused by cell phone burst event. Analysis of the industry, which may be related to Apple's use of the Samsung Note7 cell phone battery battery.

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