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Description of the use of mobile security display stand
Date:2017-9-27 9:06:39      Views:    
In recent years, with the popularity of smart phones, real machine display is particularly important, so the status of mobile phone security display stand more and more can not be ignored. Mobile phone features more and more customers if you want to experience the full range of mobile phones and other digital products will take a long time, the traditional counter sales model can not be met, so it will produce stent display, the phone placed outside the counter, allowing customers to experience , No longer have the clerk's care, taking into account the theft problem, so the Americans will develop a police display stand, neither affect the customer experience, but also effectively prevent the product stolen. How do you use the mobile safety showcase?

The use of mobile phone anti-theft device, as long as the separate machine, shutdown and alarm three functions

1. boot, install the anti-theft device is completed, insert the unlock, hear the sound, that means boot. And then pull out the unlock device.

2. Shut down, need to lift the anti-theft device, and the bottom of the contact switch lift, the alarm issued an alarm, insert the unlock, hear the sound, that means shut down. And then pull out the unlock device.

3. Release the alarm, in the anti-theft device is triggered alarm, alarm sound, insert the unlock, hear "tick" is heard, that is to lift the alarm. And then pull out the unlock device.

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