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Phone Anti-theft principle
Date:2017-5-5 15:20:03      Views:    
The birth of smart phones is evolved from the Pocket PC. Smart phones have a separate operating system, independent operating space, running fast, more user-friendly experience. Because of this, smart phones quickly occupied the domestic and foreign markets, its coverage has been around the world. Now, the phone is already a daily necessities of people, is the work and life of good partners; but a product is often double-sided, mobile phone security problems are gradually revealed. In this way, the mobile phone anti-theft device has played a great role.

The emergence of mobile phone anti-theft device to many people, businesses have brought convenience, reduce the loss. Such as businesses in the store placed in the phone, do not need to always prevent sales staff, more confidence to go and communicate with the buyer, but also can reduce the cost of personnel, would not it twice. Mobile phone security as a mobile phone industry security protection of the "bodyguard", how does it work?
Mobile phone anti-theft device usually have a number of contacts to trigger the alarm, anti-theft device bracket a contact, the back of the phone attached to the anti-theft device bracket contacts, as well as sensor lines connected with the phone, Line out will also cause the alarm, when multiple contacts as long as a trigger will start the alarm device. Some mobile phone device is triggered after the need to manually turn off the alarm, most of the control with infrared remote control.

Mobile phone anti-theft device is the mobile phone industry business effective assistant to help the mobile phone industry business development is getting better and better.