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Comprehensive analysis of mobile phone anti-theft device works
Date:2017-9-18 9:24:07      Views:    
Mobile phone anti-theft device, whether in the mobile phone store or mobile phone digital shopping malls are played a role can not be ignored, especially the rapid development of the mobile phone industry, mobile products with each passing day, a variety of features can not be guided by the simple " Type "marketing can be completed. Many businesses use a long time mobile phone anti-theft device, may also do not understand its working principle, today to come to everyone to unlock the inside of the phone is how to work. The

Mobile alarm is usually by: alarm, transmission channel and alarm controller composed of three parts. Alarm is composed of sensors and signal processing, composed of electronic and mechanical components of the device, is the key to anti-theft alarm system, and the sensor is the core components of the alarm. The use of different principles of the sensor, can constitute different types, different uses, to achieve different purposes of the alarm device.

Anti-theft device with 3 (base, machine back and paste head) independent anti-theft contacts. When any of the contacts are disconnected, an alarm is triggered. Remove any 1 to 2 contacts of the alarm, the remaining contacts are still valid.

Mobile phone anti-theft device with mobile phone charging function, and can be replaced at any time MicroUSB, type-C, Apple and other types of different charging interface type charging line to meet the market most of the mobile phone charging. But also with a remote control for a key arm disarm, easy to operate, simple.

Depth understanding of the working principle of mobile phone anti-theft device, is conducive to a more comprehensive use of the advantages of good phone anti-theft device.