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Shenzhen source Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in anti-theft products, security equipment and other security products R & D, production and sales in one of the high-tech companies. The source of science and technology has a youthful and lively, pioneering and innovative, the enthusiasm of the core team, "customer first, win-win cooperation" principle, "source control in hand, the world in the grip" as the goal, Guidance, the successful development of independent intellectual property rights with security security system integration platform, and successfully set up with its supporting equipment production line. Zhili in the field of security services, to provide customers with a full range of security services, and strive to achieve "active control of the place there is security" a better vision.

At present, the company's main products are:

Security products

The main development and production of various types of anti-theft devices, home burglar alarm, GSM anti-theft alarm, alarm anti-theft, mobile phone alarm, digital camera anti-theft, antiques antiques, other special anti-theft products. At the same time for the family, shops, stores, stores, supermarkets, museums, art galleries, pavilions, etc. to provide professional security and security system integration integrated solutions.

With the rapid development of the company and the growth of business platform, the source of science and technology continue to expand the workforce, the strength in the constant large, product lines and product features are also increasing, the quality of service is also rising. In order to meet the opportunities brought by economic globalization, the source control technology will gradually to the domestic large and medium cities and overseas development, around a wide range of information service platform, effort to build a professional intelligent security products production and operation of the service system. So that "active control of the place there is security" to become a reality.

Our composition:

     Production R & D Center - Shenzhen
     Sales service center - Shenzhen
     Sales service agencies - worldwide sales network

Our aim: 

     With technology to build products, with the quality of the market, the service moved customers.

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