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FARCTRL's Latest Emergency Personal Alarm with UV Sterilizer
Date:2020-6-19 19:19:33      Views:    

FARCTRL has developed a new personal alarm with UV disinfection and rechargeable function.  

1. Fashion design-looks more elegant and beautiful. UV Sterilizer are portable for easy storage and carrying. It can be attached on women's bags, backpacks, keys and so on.
2. When danger comes, pulling out the pin will make a 130DB loud sound to quickly attract people's attention and effectively scare attackers. It is helpful for you to walking at night, go on outdoor adventures and find a keyhole in darkness.
3. UV LED Sterilizer can be used to disinfect items and check the authenticity of money. One minute can kill 99% of virus bacteria.
4. Support Micro-USB charging, 250mAh polymer lithium battery brings longer battery life.

YOUR FAMILY’S SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY –  When your loved one goes to a party at night or just walks late at night, let your loved ones bring the FARCTRL siren alarm, so that you will be more assured that your loved ones are protected. Due to the arrival of COVID-19, sterilization and disinfection become important, and this alarm product can be solved. This is a great gift for family.

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