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FC167C 8 Ports Security Alarm System Anti-theft Device for Cell Phone

Quick Reaction speed, pull or cut the USB cable, the Alarm warning.

With multiple USB interface, support for multiple mobile phone tablet and other products.

Remote control to operate with infrared decoder and digital encryption.

120DB alarm is loud enough to be heard in noisy environments.

8 Ports Security Alarm System to become China Mobile, China Unicom cell phone shop necessary security supplies.

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1. 8 ports to secure eight digital products using USB sensor wires, Charge for 8 cell phones or tablets, display and anti-theft alarm.
2. Built-in alarm horn, high-volume alarm speaker is hidden inside the host, sound reaches 110~120 dB, cut and separate any lines, the alarm host will send out sound and light alarm immediately.
3. Remote control: wireless remote control disalarm, easy to use.
4. Could choose different kinds of sensor cables. And we can provide sensor cables according to your requirement design.
5. Can use together with any other kind of display stand. And we can do display standaccording to your requirement design.

Note: Once the alarm host has been triggered, restitution can not disarm, the alarm must be reset by remote control to disarm the alarm (press remote control red key 2 seconds to relief). With very higher safety factor, it can protect customer’s property.

Product Name: 8 Ports Security Alarm System 
Model Number: FC167C
Material: ABS
Size: 160*100*30 mm
Color: White
Alarm Volume: 110-120DB
Alarm Mode: Buzzer and LED alarming
Control Method: Remote Control
Function: Security Display & Anti-theft Alarm & Charging
Usage: Moblie Phone, Tablet, Laptops, Camera Anti-theft 
Certification: CE  ROHS
OEM/ODM: Acceptable